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Week Beginning: Monday 16th July
This week, you will continue to look at sustainability.


Week Beginning: Monday 11th June
This week, you will continue to look at the impact sustainability has on the environment.

Week Beginning: Monday 28th May
This week, you will look at the impact sustainability has on the environment.










Week Beginning: Monday 30th April
This week, you will continue to work on your designs and actual art pieces. Please ensure you have completed the following (in order):

1. Excursion presentation - Please select 5 pictures / photos you connect with. Explain what this picture / photo means to you. What does it remind you of?
2. Questions for a professional / expert in the art style you are researching - Can one person from your 'like' group please email me your questions.
3. Design for your art piece - Your design (A3 piece of paper) is up the front of the classroom.
4. Art piece - This is a homework task, but I will give you time in class to complete it. Your completed piece is due on Monday 14th May (next Monday).
5. Art style presentation - Have you answered the following inquiry questions about your art style? Please remember to complete this presentation.
  • When was this art style? When did this art style begin? end?
  • What materials did / do artists of this style use?
  • What are the characteristics / features of this art style? List at least common things you can see or discover. For example, Impressionism - pastel colours, there was a focus on light, short brush strokes.
Have you answered your own inquiry question/s? Refer to your little inquiry booklet. If you can't find it, I'll get you a new one soon :)

WOW me!!! :)

Week Beginning: Monday 30th April
This week, you will be exploring artistic styles and forms in the wider community. Please download the following file to guide and enhance your experience @ NGV.

Week Beginning: Monday 5th March
This week, you will continue to look at artistic styles and forms.

Please find below a number artistic instruments. Please look closely at the images and answer the following questions for each of them. Present your answers in a creative way on your iPads.
  • What do you think it is?
  • What does it make you wonder?
  • How do you think it is used?
  • What do you know about it?

Image 1
Image 1 airbrush.jpeg

Image 2
Image 1batik1.jpeg
Image 3
Image 1linopress.jpeg
Image 4
Image 1linotools.png

Image 5

Image 6
Image 1slideprojector.jpeg

Week Beginning: Monday 13th February
This week, you will continue to unpack our school's Vision and Values - "Dream, Believe, Inspire" and "Aiming High, Playing Safe, Showing Respect and Valuing our Community".

You will also brainstorm what you know and would like to know about design, creativity, technology and innovation for our next unit of study.