Dream Believe Inspire

Week Beginning: Monday 12th November
Please find below your questions for our Skype chat with the students at Elm Park PS, New Zealand.

How long does your school day go for?
What time do you start school and finish school?
How long does your recess and lunch go for?
What lessons do you do?
What is your favourite thing about your school?
How many students are in your class?
How old are you?

What is your learning tool?
Do you all have iPads?
As a class have you used Skype before?

Do you have a canteen?
What colour is your uniform?
Do you have to wear hats?

Do you have a class mascot?
Do you have a class pet?

Does your school have any events?
How big is your school?
Do you have separate classrooms?
Do you have portables?
Do you go on excursions?
Do you go on camps?

Have any of you been to Australia?
What’s the weather like in New Zealand?

What do you do at home for fun?
What games do you play?
Do you play Minecraft?