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Thursday 22nd November

Hi, my lil rockstars,

I'm home sick today :( Please find below the work you need to complete. There is more than enough! If you do not have a CRT, please find below our class split list.
  • Prep Tristane: Mishaela, Josh, Denyse (... or maybe Prep Mel or Prep Sam???)
  • 5 Jarrod: Ethan S, Shuab, Masen F, Chantelle, Natasha, Emily, Rique, James, Zach (to share amongst the grade 5s)
  • 6 Jess: Brodie, Emmerson, Aizaz, Hussein
  • 6 Chels: Xavier, Larissa, Jake, Kyle
  • 6 Lachlan: Tyler, Mark, Ethan D, Mason T, Trinity, Kira, Kiara

If you finish everything, you can do your homework, update your iPortfolio or begin a new Passion Project.

I know you will do me proud :)

Kind Regards,
Michelle :)

Session 1 - Writing
Learning Focus:
To edit my procedural text.
To publish my procedural text.

Warm Up: Sell Yourself - Why should a teacher want you in their class next year? Sell yourself!
Activity: Complete your procedural text. Remember to edit it. Publish it in an interesting way.
Early finishers: Free time writing - no blood, guts, killing, dying, weapons, etc. Plan and write your story in your Writers Notebook or on your iPad.

Session 2 - Reading
Learning Focus:
To recognise cause and effect.

Activity: Think about the following:
Effect: What happens when you oversleep on a school day?
Cause: Why does this happen?

Why it happens = Cause
What happens = Effect

Read independently for 20 - 30 minutes. Publish some causes and effects in an interesting way on your iPad.

Session 3 - Science
Learning Focus:
To revise science concepts covered this semester.

Warm Up: A – Z Science - List as many science related words as you can in 5 minutes.
Think about all of the science activities you have completed this semester. Create your Top 5 list. Present this in an interesting way on your iPad.

Explore the following sites:

Students present 5 interesting facts on your iPad. Do "better than your best!"

Session 4 - Mathematics
Learning Focus:
To explore capacity.

Warm Up: Starter of the Day

What is capacity?
1 litre = 1000 millilitres

Research items (catalogues) on the internet that hold fluids. Select 10 items to present in an interesting way on your iPad. Add up the capacities of your items to discover the total amount.

Early Finishers
Complete 4 of the following problems in your Math book:
1. A 5 litre drink is shared between 10 friends, how many millilitres does each person get?
2. A Ferrari Formula One car uses 2 litres of fuel every kilometre, how much fuel would it use to travel 50 kilometres?
3. Each of the four Spice Girls drinks a 1½ litres of bottled water after a gig, how many 2 litre bottles should the organiser buy for a concert?
4. A football player drinks between 100 and 200 millilitres at half time, what is the most that could be drunk by all 22 players (answer in millilitres)?
5. What is the answer to question 4 in litres?
6. In question 4 what is the least that could be drunk by the football players in millilitres?
7. What is the answer to question 6 in litres?
8. A child has to take 5 millilitres (one teaspoon) of medicine twice a day for a fortnight. How much medicine will she take in total?
9. How much medicine should the doctor give her? (This might not be exactly the same answer as question 8.)
10. How many litres are there in 1234 millilitres?

Session 5 - Inquiry
Learning Focus:
To identify significant events in Australian history.

Warm Up: Australia - Draw a map of Australia in your sketch book. Include the states and territories, capital cities and any other landmarks you know. If you don’t have a sketch book, ask someone you're with if they can rip a page out of their book for you to use.
Activity: Select a partner you haven't really worked with before - someone you think will help you "do better than your best!" Remember, there are some of you I'd rather not work together.
Think about what makes a good speech, i.e. beginning, middle, end, length, language, eye contact, body language, etc.
With your partner, select one of the following events. Each pair should have a different topic. This will allow us all to learn from each other :)

1788: The First Fleet from England under Arthur Phillip arrives at Sydney Cove
1824: Permission granted to change the name of the continent from "New Holland" to "Australia"
1851: The Victorian gold rush starts in Ballarat
1854: The Eureka Stockade
1873: Uluru is first sighted by Europeans, and named Ayers Rock
1880: The bushranger Ned Kelly is hanged
1901: Australia becomes a federation on 1 January
1949: Construction of the Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme begins
1956: Melbourne hosts the Olympic Games
1963: Indigenous Australians are given full rights as citizens
1966: Decimalisation on 14 February the Australian currency is changed to dollars and cents, with the Australian Dollar replacing the Australian pound
1974: Darwin is devastated by Cyclone Tracy
2000: Sydney hosts the Olympic Games
2008: Kevin Rudd leads bi-partisan Parliamentary apology to the Stolen Generation.

Monday 8th October to Friday 12th October

Hi, my lovelies :)

I hope you had a fantastic break! I also hope you are switched on and ready for a very busy term!

As you know, I'm not here this week... I'm in New Zealand, presenting at an international conference :) I cannot wait to share the fantastic ways you use iPads to support your learning. I also cannot wait to learn new things to bring back and share with you :) Caring is sharing, afterall :)

Please be good for Arthur this week! Remember, there is a pizza lunch as your reward... possibly this really nice slice that Tina made last term too. She shared the recipe with me... and oh my, it is super YUM!!! :)

Arthur has all of this week's work for you. Please refer to the appropriate pages on the wikispace when asked.

Please feel free to email me while I'm away. I apologise in advance if it takes me a while to reply. I will get to your email though... eventually :)

See you next Monday!!!

Michelle :)

Friday 10th August

Hi all, I hope you are well... and you behaved for Arthur yesterday! :) Please find below today's work :)

Can I please ask you to do one thing for me??? Can you please organise your footy tips? Can you please email me your choices? I'll note them down. If I don't receive your email by 3pm today, I'm going to select the home teams for you :) To confirm, my email is:

Round 20**
  • West Coast Eagles vs Geelong
  • St Kilda vs Melbourne
  • Adelaide vs Fremantle
  • GCFC vs GWS
  • Sydney vs Collingwood
  • Carlton vs Brisbane Lions
  • Hawthorn vs Port Adelaide
  • Richmond vs Western Bulldogs
  • Essendon vs North Melbourne

Also, I'm not at school to collect your homework :( If you haven't finished... please finish ALL tasks over the weekend. Next week, I'll be randomly calling you up to share your homework with me.

~ Minecraft ~ I've heard some people are connecting to the network when on Minecraft at school. Please know that you will have to delete the app if you are doing this... and I will also make you delete the app everyday for 2 weeks if you continue to disobey the school rules :( Is it really worth it??? I also heard some people are on Minecraft when they should be working. The same consequence applies. Another thing I heard is that some people are playing inappropriate apps at school, i.e. blood, guts, killing, dying, weapons, etc. If you are caught on an inappropriate app, you will lose your internet access at school for 2 weeks. You will also have to show me your iPad every morning and delete ALL games apps in front of me. Harsh, but true! You know that when at school, your iPads are educational devices. If you choose to break the Acceptable Use Policy you and your parents signed at the start of the year, you choose to receive these consequences. I must say I am truly disappointed in these people and I will be speaking to you... and possibly your parents... next week :(


Session 1: Mathematics
Focus: To explore elapsed time.
Success Criteria:
I can calculate elapsed time in hours.
I can calculate elapsed time in minutes.
I can read a timetable.

Warm-Up Activity - Select a math app on your iPad to play.
Introduction - You have 3 hours of television viewing a week. What programs will you watch? Visit the following online tv guide: http://www.ebroadcast.com.au/tv/.
Activity - Individually or in pairs, investigate the following:

"We are going to watch some of the Olympics in the classroom. Use the TV guide for the Olympics to plan 280 minutes worth of viewing for the week.”

Present your findings in an interesting way on your iPad.
Reflection - 15 words - Use exactly 15 words to describe / tell what you today. You can use adjectives, nouns, a 15-word sentence, etc. Please try to use correct terminology.

Session 2 - Reading
Focus: To identify the author’s purpose.
To use an author’s purpose questionnaire to
Success Criteria:
I can identify the author’s purpose.
I can explain different strategies that help me to identify the author’s purpose.

Warm Up Activity - Hot Seat - Ask a student to volunteer to read aloud to the class.
Introduction - What is the author's purpose?
1. Mrs Wilburn writes a note to Sadie’s teacher explaining why Sadie was absent the past two days.
2. A man wrote an article in the local newspaper telling about the need to recycle in the community. He gave reasons why recycling is important and the ways it can be done easily.
3. Tom read a story about a magical horse that could fly. When someone rode this horse, their dreams and wished came true.
Activity - Create 3 of your own sentences according to 3 different writing purposes / Independent Reading
Reflection - Share and discuss your sentences with the class


Session 3 - Art

Session 4 - Interschool Sport Practice
*If this is cancelled due to the weather, please work through the following:
  • Homework
  • Persuasive text - plan, introduction, paragraph 1, paragraph 2, paragraph 3, ARRR
  • Olympic events (yesterday's math lesson)
  • Olympic viewing - 280 minutes (today's math lesson)
  • Olympic facts - at least 16 facts
  • Olympic sport or athlete - at least 10 facts
  • All math tutorials saved into the 'Tutorial' folder in Dropbox
  • All homework saved into your 'Homework Grid 2' folder in Dropbox. Make sure you create this folder in your personal folder, not our shared folder.
  • Go through every single book and make sure everything is complete! I'm collecting your reading books next week.

If you have finished everything, please update your iPortfolio. Please set new reading, writing and math goals for this term. Include these in your iPortfolio.

If you feel you are up-to-date with your iPortfolio, please begin / complete a Passion Project.


Session 5 - Carranballac College Rock Band
You will be going to the gym to listen to a school rock band :) Have fun!!!


Thursday 9th August

Hi all, as I mentioned, I'm home sick today :( I'll also be home tomorrow. I'll post your work up here later tonight... Please be good for your visiting teacher. I'll be touching base with Jess, Chels, Lachlan and Jane during the day to hear how things are going :)

Session 1: Writing
Focus: To revise my persuasive text.
Success Criteria:
I can use ARRR to revise my persuasive text.

Warm Up Activity - List as many athletics events as you can in 1 minute (eg. hurdles, long jump).
Activity - Use ARRR to revise your persuasive text. If you haven't completed your persuasive text, please do this first.

ARRR stands for:
  • Add additional information that may be needed to better explain or describe elements of the text.
  • Rearrange existing information in a more logical order that flows well and makes your text easy to comprehend.
  • Remove unneeded information that may detract from the overall message of your text.
  • Replace existing text with better wording or descriptions.

Reflection - What did you change in your persuasive text? Why?

Session 2: Reading
Focus: To find the author’s purpose.
Success Criteria:
I can find the author’s purpose.
I can articulate strategies that will help me find the author’s purpose.

Warm Up Activity - What punctuation is missing?
the brown spotted dog barked as the lazy old man walked slowly home from the shop the dog could smell fresh meat as the man strolled along the fence towards his house
Activity - Independent Reading
Reflection - Turn and talk – What was the author’s purpose of your reading?


Session 3: Science (Lachlan has this session organised)

Session 4: Mathematics
Learning Focus: To explore elapsed time.
Success Criteria:
I can calculate elapsed time in days.
I can calculate elapsed time in hours.
I can calculate elapsed time in minutes.
I can read a timetable.

Warm Up - 1 minute activity... or ask Arthur if you can play a math app on your iPad. Maybe someone can show him this message??? :)
Introduction - What have Olympic events have you watched so far?
Activity - Explore the Olympics schedule and identify how long particular events run for: http://www.london2012.com/schedule-and-results/
Present your findings in an interesting way on your iPad.
Reflection - 3, 2, 1
3 facts that you found out2 feelings you felt1 thing that was interesting

Session 5: Inquiry
Focus - To create a design for the space outside our classrooms.

Warm-Up Activity - Write the letters of the alphabet on a piece of paper or on your iPad. Write down as many different types of food and drink you can in 5 minutes.
Activity - Individually or in pairs, begin to design what you'd like the space outside our classroom to look like.
Reflection - Share your designs with the class.


Wednesday 1st August

Good morning lovelies. As you know, I’m stepping in for Corrie this morning while he goes on a school tour with Jason and some visiting principals. So, I expect you all to be on your best behaviour! You will be rewarded :) I know I can count on you.

At some point this morning, I’ll be bringing some visitors over to see the fantastic work you are doing on your iPads. Please make sure you are on task and following both the school and classroom expectations.

Ethan S and James, please take your reading book, iPad and pencil case to Chelsey’s room at 8:50am.

When you enter the class this morning, please put your reading book, writing book, writer’s notebook and homework book on your table.

Please work through the following tasks until 9:10am, when you will begin your writing session:
- Homework: You need to be up-to-date with your reading entries in your diary. You also need to have completed one spelling activity.
- Olympics presentation: Please update your medal tally. You need to be up-to-date with your facts – at least 6 facts presented in an interesting way.

9:10am – Session 1: Writing
Focus: To write the introduction of my persuasive text.
Success Criteria:
I can use my plan to compose an introduction.
I can use my research to compose an introduction.

Warm-Up – Play Whirly Word or Boggle for 10 minutes.
Introduction – Yesterday, as a class, we planned our shared persuasive text on why students shouldn’t have to wear uniforms to school. We used the ideas in our plan to write the introduction – please refer to the poster on the board.
Activity – Complete your plan, then write your introduction. Possibly read your introduction to the person sitting next to you. What do they think?
Reflection – How does your introduction compare to the introductions of the persuasive texts on our wikispace? Did you write a 1, 2 or 3 star introduction?
Early finishers – Continue with your Olympics presentation OR select a picture from an app on your iPad to write about in your writer’s notebook OR on your iPad.

*Ethan and James, please work through the homework, Olympics and writing tasks upon your return.

10:00am – Session 2: Reading
Focus: To identify the author’s purpose.
Success Criteria:
I can identify the author’s purpose.

Warm-UpClick here to go to the following article on Dogo News: How An Accidental Giant Hole in Central Asia's Karakum Desert Turned into a Tourist Destination.
What do you think the article is about? List 5 key words you think will be in the article. What do you think the author's purpose is? We will read the article tomorrow.
Introduction – Last week we spoke about the concepts that matched the author’s purpose. For example:
- to entertain = story
- to narrate = story, sequence of events
- to persuade = advertisement
- to inform = article, noticeboard
- to describe = description
Activity – Read independently for 20 minutes. You can read a text of your choice. Update your Author’s Purpose and Reading Comprehension presentations.
Reflection – What genre did you read? What was the author’s purpose? Do these concepts match?

10:40am – Pack your things away. Place your math books on your tables and get your snack.

See you after recess! Michelle :)

Wednesday 14th March

Session 1: Reading
- Read independently for 30 minutes - novel or iBook.
- Select 5 keywords from the text. Write them in your own sentences to demonstrate your understanding of them. Write a synonym (similar meaning) and antonym (opposite meaning) if you can.
- Write 5 questions about the text - literal and / or inferential. Include the answer.
- Summarise what you have read today in 30 words.

Session 2: Writing
Write in your Writer's Notebook for 15 to 20 minutes. Look through pictures on the Eyewitness app on your iPad. Select one and write about what you see and feel. Remember to use descriptive language. Also remember that what you write is more a snapshot than a story.

Read through the passages below. When you have finished reading them, copy them out correctly into your Writing book. I’ll be checking when I return tomorrow! Be sure to correct any spelling errors and misused words.

Passage One – After School
Punctuation – The passage needs 25 capital letters, 18 full stops, 2 question marks and 2 commas.
Words – Underline 10 nouns.
Usage – There are 10 words that have been used incorrectly. Circle them once you have corrected them.

rachel and amanda are cousins they both go to the same school mrs snapdragon is the name of there teacher she teaches year too both girls are good students rachel likes mathematics the best amanda is very good at writing stories one monday morning a strange thing happened it was after school both the girls had forgotten they’re homework books they came back to school two get them nobody were at school they opened the door quietly do you know what they saw the chalk desk rubber and ruler were doing a dictation the chalk was writing the words on the blackboard were where the sticky tape and duster the girls asked the glue and scissors but they didn’t no nobody new where they where they were outside playing sport and doing exercises

Passage Two – Late!
Punctuation – The passage needs 20 capital letters, 13 full stops, 2 question marks and 4 commas.
Words – Underline 10 nouns.
Usage – There are 15 words that have been used incorrectly. Circle them once you have corrected them.

jessica crept too the classroom door she had come two school late the past to days today was wednesday and she was late again what would mr nutter do would she be kept in buy him she knocked every gently on the door mr nutter sprang from his chair he opened the door he asked her why she were late jessica explained that she had too by her mother some slippers at the shop she had become tangled up in a ball off wool it had took the ladies at the shop half an our to free her she brought the slippers at the shop and bought them too school mr nutter told her two sit she got out her rubber ruler pencil glue sharpener and scissors and began the lesson

We don’t usually think in full sentences. Instead, we have ‘flashes’ of ideas. To share these ideas with others, we must write them in sentences and follow certain rules. Expand the following ‘flashes’ into sentences in your Writing book. In some cases, you many need more than one sentence to say it all.

eg. woke up – green spots on tongue – mother called doctor – in bed for two weeks
I woke up this morning and noticed green spots on my tongue. I showed my mum. She called the doctor and he said I had to say in bed for two weeks.

1. two children playing – ball onto road – a lucky escape from serious injury – learnt a lesson
2. bought seeds – watered – pumpkin pie
3. first game for school team – nervous – scored winning goal – congratulations and cheers from team mates
4. weekend – out of bed at 6:00am – rainy, freezing cold – back to bed
5. fishing with dad – big bite – five kilogram fish
6. sent to school principal – very worried – given award for outstanding work
7. going to school – sick magpie – broken wing – cared for – visits family often now
8. countdown – blast off – excited – destination the Purple Planet
9. worked hard – improved all marks – good report card – mum and dad very proud
10. cooked breakfast – washed up – cleaned room – mum surprised – Mother’s Day


Session 3 - Mathematics
- Complete the following equations in your Mathematics book:

- Play a math app on your iPad.

Session 4: Science / Inquiry
Have you finished the following? Please refer to the Science or Inquiry page for more information.
  • 5 facts about a scientist
  • 5 facts about science
  • 5 facts about Fred hollows
  • What does it mean to be colour blind?
  • Optical Illusions presentation
  • 5 facts about Sir Isaac Newton
  • What are the laws of motion?
  • Art instruments / equipment presentation


Session 5: Discovery Learning / Passion Project
Think about a topic that you are passionate about / something you would like to research. Your task is to prepare a short project about it. Work through the following steps:
  1. Select a topic - Condition: Your topic CANNOT be about / include blood, guts, weapons, violence, killing...
  2. List 5 things you already know about this topic.
  3. List 5 questions you'd like to find out about your topic.
  4. Begin to research your questions. Remember to answer your questions in FULL sentences in your own words. If you copy and paste information straight across from a web site, you will be asked to repeat your project.
  5. List any web sites you visit in a section / on a slide / on a page, etc... titled 'Bibliography'.
  6. Publish your project in any way you like. Extra marks will be given for creativity. If you plan to use colour paper to publish your findings on, you MUST complete a rough draft first and a teacher MUST correct it. Also, you can only use, at most, 3 pieces of colour paper.

Tuesday 6th March

Hi all,

I won't be working with you today :( I am taking a school tour for Corrie during sessions 1 & 2. During sessions 4 & 5, I am attending a training session off site. I trust you will be on your best behaviour for the visiting teacher/s.

Please find below the activities you need to complete today. I'll be checking when I return to school tomorrow.

Please also remember under NO circumstances are you to have free-time on your iPads. So, your visiting teacher should not catch you playing any games.

Be good and see you tomorrow :)

Kind Regard,
Michelle :)

Silent Time (10 minutes):
Get yourself organised for the morning session. Complete your homework or unfinished work.

Session 1 - Reading
Focus: To understand the importance to ask questions before, during and after reading.

Warm Up Activity: Google images about Pop Art. Record any key words, questions or thoughts you have about these pictures, like what we did with the Eiffel Tower yesterday.

Independent Reading: Read a Just Right Text for 20-30 minutes, including novels, iBooks and Google books. You can also read books from the links on the Reading page. Please remember to fill in your Question Log in your Reading book - "I Am Wondering" and "Now I Think / My Answer". Feel free to record your questions on sticky notes. Please also select one word to put on the Word Wall. I looked over some of the words today and some are fantastic! Some are super unusual. Please ensure the word you put up is appropriate for all readers in our class.

Reflection: Respond to the following - Questioning makes us deeper thinkers.”

Session 2 - Writing
Focus: To explore dynamic dialogue.

Warm Up Activity: Write in your Writer’s Notebook for 10 minutes - You can present your writing on your iPad too, creatively though... Impress me! :)

Activity: Explore online scripts: http://freedrama.net/child.html. What are your thoughts about these scripts?
Continue to revise and edit your story to include dynamic dialogue.

Reflection: What changes did you make today?


Session 3 - Performing Arts

Session 4 - Mathematics
Focus: To show all working out when completing worded problems.

Warm Up Activity: I have $24.00 in my pocket. What notes and coins could I have?

Activity: Refer to the following poster. What strategies do you use to solve problems?

Select a problem solving card to complete in your Math book. If you find these too easy, try the problems on the following sites:

Reflection: What problem solving strategies did you use today? Explain.


Silent Time (10 minutes):
Complete your homework or unfinished work.

Session 5 - Science
Focus: To explore people in Science

Warm Up Activity: Explore the Science app/s on your iPad. If you haven't downloaded the Science app/s, buddy up with someone OR explore more science facts online. Please don't explore the supernatural or ghosts, only Science based facts!
If you're looking for some more Science apps, visit the following site:

Activity: Who is Sir Isaac Newton? Read through the following file together as a class and discuss the laws of motion.

Create a movie about the laws of motion OR research and present 5 interesting facts about Sir Isaac Newton.

Reflection: What is motion and how can we affect it?