Dream Believe InspireabcPassion Projects
Week Beginning: Monday 16th April

Passion Projects are a way for you to share with others information about things you are truly passionate about.

Please read the guidelines below before beginning a Passion Project:
  1. Select a topic - Condition:Your topic CANNOT be about / include blood, guts, weapons, violence, killing...
  2. List 5 things you already know about this topic.
  3. List 5 questions you'd like to find out about your topic.
  4. Begin to research your questions. Remember to answer your questions in FULL sentences in your own words. If you copy and paste information straight across from a web site, you will be asked to repeat your project.
  5. List any web sites you visit in a section / on a slide / on a page, etc... titled 'Bibliography'.
  6. Publish your project in a creative way on your iPad. WOW me!!! :)